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The Most Expensive Emotion is Anger

I don’t know about you but I love having free will.  I’m not overly fond of being told that I “have” to eat a certain way, or do something against my will.  I want to make those choices for myself. Does anyone else feel that way? This is why “free” is on my list of…
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This is the Reason to Share Your Straw

We don’t see people as they are … we see them as we are. We place judgement and labels on others based on the story playing in our minds. Perhaps they look like someone we haven't trusted, so we don’t trust them. They don't live as we think they should so we judge and label them.…
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How to Work Together in Collaboration

  I once heard an astronaut say that his favorite memory of the view from space was that he could not see land dividers. He only saw the beautiful planet that we all live on. Working in Collaboration, No Dividers  Imagine no dividers.  Some of you might be tempted to stop reading here, or put a…
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The Lessons They Left

On Friday, November 13th, at least eight individuals let hate infiltrate their minds and passed it into our world through more senseless actions of violence, terror and death.  By now you've probably heard the details of the Paris, France attacks and felt the collective sorrow. There are many who are examining all the clues and…
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