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This is the Reason to Share Your Straw

This is the Reason to Share Your Straw Anne Foley, @annefoleyauthor

We don’t see people as they are … we see them as we are. We place judgement and labels on others based on the story playing in our minds. Perhaps they look like someone we haven't trusted, so we don’t trust them. They don't live as we think they should so we judge and label them.

Judgement of Others 

Judgement of others has grown to epidemic proportions in our world, and something needs to be done.   Pointing fingers and calling each other names is dividing us. There is weakness in division and strength in unity. We need strength. We have all judged others because of their skin color, job title, religion, gender, birthplace, intelligence, athletic ability, hair color, weight ... you name it. It's a long list and we have all done it.  We must first be aware that we're doing it and then stop ourselves.


I believe that each time you judge someone, you are adding time to your stop in the eternal court of judgement. I don’t know about you, but I’d like that stop to be a short one. I’m not expecting it to be fun. Especially for those who have a public platform and judge large groups of people.

I Am Who I Am 


A couple thousand years back, a carpenter from the plains of Galilee told us that we don’t have enough information to judge anyone and it is not our job to judge each other.  I believe Him because there is a lot about life that none of us on this side of the human journey knows.  He didn’t allow anyone to judge Him either. You want to know what he said when they tried to place a label on Him? He said, “I am who I am." No matter what your belief about Jesus, you have to admire someone that promoted peace and forgiveness. Don't wear any label. Judgement is the glue of labels.

So how do we stop this epidemic?  I have a simple solution for overcoming the temptation to judge but it takes your willingness and follow-through. Get yourself a drinking straw. I keep one with me at the office and at home. If you are tempted to judge someone, look through the straw.  What can you see in that small circle?

What Can You See? 

Is it ever enough for you to label them? There is so much about each life that you will never know. Do not think the story playing in your mind was written for them. Whether you are judging a family member, a colleague, a public figure or an entire group, you need to pick up your straw and let it remind you that what you think you know, is never enough to judge.

Every life holds infinite value that goes far beyond anything you can see.

That person you are judging has something important they are here to do. Run your own race and let them run theirs. Violence is never justified.

So let’s all get out our straws and stop this crazy epidemic of judgement, anger and violence. Parents, teach your kids this trick. Leaders, show your employees this trick and post your pictures. I'd gladly buy from a company that values every life enough to stop their employees from judgement and labels. Teachers, show your students this trick. We need to walk out of this epidemic of bullying, name calling and judgement. Who's with me?  Show us your straw (s)! #Label-Less

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