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What Readers Are Saying

“Life is an incredible journey full of many choices. The choices we make ultimately define who we are. This book will enable you to make wise choices that will help you discover the larger purpose of your life, and how gratitude and peace can replace every anxious, fearful thought. In the rush of life, find time and space for people and activities that refresh your soul. May what seems most urgent never distract you from what is most important; the passage to peace.”
— Cindy Kemp, Reader

“I have purchased a total of 5 copies of "The Passages to Peace". I kept 1 and have given 4 as gifts to family and friends. I start each morning reading the passages from the book. I must tell you, it is a wonderful book. Thank you for the opportunity to include it in my reading and I will continue to recommend it to others, as it was recommended to me by a dear friend.”
— Joan Buller, Reader

“Great practices of faith and life are intricately and interestingly woven in this easy-to-read, hard-to-put-down novel. I got a copy for my mother and she purchased copies for all of the ladies in her Bible study. It has been a source of inspiration and comfort to many already - a true vision of how the world should be and what we can do to make it happen in our own small corner.”
— R. Core, Reader

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is an easy-reading fiction story with characters that I could relate to. I read the book quickly the first time and now go back frequently to re-read the self-inspiring passages. This book makes you appreciate life and not take things for granted. I have shared this book with males and females ages 15-76 and it was enjoyed by everyone.

Now if the "evil-doers" would read the book - perhaps the world would be a happier and safer place. This is a book you want to own so you can go back and re-read daily for inspiration and guidance.
— Elaine Wiegel, Reader

"Laced with poignant life philosophy, this gripping novel empowers, instructs, inspires and indeed 'drops bread crumbs' to lead the reader down the path of peace and purpose. Outstanding!"
— Naomi Rhode, Reader and Author

“I have already in half way reading the book you gave during the leadership training, I really like it, it is very thought provoking and has huge emotional impact, actually it is quite hard for me to express what I felt when reading, but this book is one of the greatest I have ever read! Thanks for letting me know this book!”
– Krisztina, Reader

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