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Vitabook Series – Healthy Supplements for Minds

Healthy Supplements For The Mind Of A Graduate:

IMG_1944This wisdom-filled book is a great gift for graduates! There is nothing more important to your happiness than the way you see things. Everything that happens from birth to this very moment - forms the lens in which you see and experience life. Your vision today, comes through the experiences of yesterday and it is not limited to the use of your eyes. It is not one dimensional. You are seeing things in the way your mind permits you to see. Many times, the view is not a healthy one.  Just as we can change the health of our body, we can change the health of our thoughts. There are ten thought supplements in this book: Love Learning, Hired Human, Foster Freedom, Protect Peace, Clear Clutter, Harbor Health, Trust Truth, Treasure Time, Fertilize Friendships, and Label-Less. Each supplement presents a short overview that can be read daily... followed by directions for use and side effects may include sections. These words will benefit anyone that reads them and allow graduates, friends, or parents to take control of their mind before their mind takes control of them.

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